Saturn in gemini vedic astrology

Choreographers, musicians can have this aspect. If Mercury is in Poorvashada constellation Sagittarius , it can aspect Saturn in Gemini and this can lead to expertise in music and dance. Mercury in Revati nakshatra Pisces and aspecting Saturn in Virgo can make a person expert in sculpture or painting.

If Mercury in Poorvabhadra or Uttarabhadra nakshatras, native will fail to convert talent into money and remain unknown. They live in official or government houses. Personal secretaries to highly placed politicians can have this combination. Will be wealthy and influential in society.

They will remain loyal to their employers. If Venus is placed in Uttarabhadra nakshatra exalted and aspects Saturn in Virgo, the native will attract women with ease and can always be surrounded by them.


Few can practice yoga and achieve stable mind. It will also make you very Hard working. As you Know, 8th is the house of Transformation and who better than Saturn can bring transformation in your life. So if you have Shani in 8th Sign, be prepared for transformation in its period and Major Transits. Moreover it is the House of Occult Science and Spiritual progress as well. Saturn is a Yogi Planet. So its Placement in 8th house is also very good for spiritual Progress. It will give good intuition Power. So Saturn in 8th house is a blessing for Astrologer, Spiritual Person etc.

It will help you to come out from this Materialistic world. Saturn is the Natural Significator of Profession or Career. Saturn is also a Technical Planet or indicates Technical Education. So its placement in 8th house can give you a Career in research and Development provided other Planets Support it. Well the thing is that if you have Saturn in 8th house, if proper remedies are not taken it can lead to misery and conflict.

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The above stated good results will be felt only when Saturn will be a Functional Benefic and will be involved in Good Yogas with other Planets in your chart. But in most of the cases it generally gives negative effect. Even when it transits overs your 8th house, it will give negative effect to you. The Transit of Saturn over 8th house is known as Ashtama Shani and you should read the effect of Saturn transit over the 8th house before reading further. If you have Saturn in 8th House of birth chart, it might be futile, for this planet renders phobia, anxiety, depression and frustration.

It can give some chronic health issues as well. Saturn is able to cause invalidity or ineffectiveness of any limb or lower parts of the body. As in regards to health and lifestyle, these people are usually cautious, especially while Saturn transits over the 4th, 8th or 12th house or Saturn has its very own Mahadasa Greater Influence with Antardasa Lesser Influence. Saturn is capable of giving long-term infection, tuberculosis, most cancers when getting guide on this behalf from Mars or Neptune , venereal ailment of any type specially if Mars is in 2nd, seventh or the twelfth house or Venus is in 6th House or eighth or the 12th house.

An in-depth investigation towards the presence of Saturn in the 8th House reveals that, it will aspect the 2nd house.

Saturn Retrograde Meaning & More

So if Saturn is Benefic for your chart and if it is well influenced by other planets, the relationship with relatives and other family members will be good. As 2nd is the 11th house from 4th, it also indicates gain from friends. So the relationship with friends will also be good and you will be benefited from them. If Saturn is Malefic for your chart and is not well supported, the negative result regarding these things should be expected. However, if someone has their Jupiter Brihaspati and other relevant planets strong, it would result in strong 8th House of Saturn and he or she can lead a life of success and prosperity.

From 8th house, Saturn will aspect 5th house also. So it will make your intelligence stable. It will not be easy to cheat you. It will also give you good farsight. But If Saturn is not well placed or Supported by other planets, you can expect the Negative effect regarding the 5th house Matter. So it indicates the gain or Success in Profession.

From 8th, Shani will aspect the 10th house as well. So if it is strongly placed in your chart, it will give you lot of gain and success in your professional career. But at the same time it is also possible that it will bring lots of ups and down in your career. In business they are precise at management of labor and issues associated with them. These people are expert engineers, particularly for established order of recent industries, obtaining massive and small machines and set up of the machines and commissioning them into manufacturing.

However their activity ends with product getting out of the manufacturing unit. They are not so proper at actual advertising or marketing that are essential to attract customers. As I have stated above Saturn is a Yogi Planet.

Know your Ascendant

For Saturn everything is Duty and responsibility. Though it will not break the Marriage but it will not give any happiness from the Marriage either.

12222 Saturn Retrograde

The Marriage can become dull and without any charm. So whenever you see Saturn in the 8th sign of the Horoscope, you should do a Proper Horoscope Matching. You should know How to do a Proper Kundali reading for Marriage compatibility. If the 7th lord, Venus also joins this Saturn, Some secret Affair may happen which will not be good for individual.

If a person has an illicit affair with the opposite sex in the presence of a marriage partner then it likely to fall. You may check the Planetary combination for Relationship Outside Marriage. Saturn does not like going against Rules. One must try to accept the situation and strive to respect the married partner in order to make everything fine. Sometime this placement also causes Delays in Marriage.

He is ambitious, egoistic, and very shrewd. He enjoys social prestige. He may not get along with his father. Eleventh House: The eleventh house Saturn is good for pursuing a career in law. The person usually has a very few friends. He is typically a true introvert. He is always extremely careful with any financial dealing. He is a good planner, a hard worker, and very self centered. Twelfth House: The person with the twelfth house Saturn in his birth chart is likely to struggle with adverse situations in his life for a long time.

He is not blessed to have enough opportunities in his life. Usually an opportunity comes very late in life.

In association with unfavorable planets like Mars, Sun or Uranus in the twelfth house, the situation becomes worse. He is likely to frequently suffer from unexpected and sudden financial losses; he is likely to get arrested even if he is innocent, or have a terrible accident. Saturn alone in this house, however, makes the person spiritually strong. As mentioned earlier, it rules Capricorn earth and Aquarius air , and it becomes exalted in Libra. Saturn in Aries becomes debilitated.

In this fire sign, all the negative characteristics of Saturn are likely to get enhanced in this sign unless Saturn receives positive influence from a benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus. The inherent slow and steady nature of Saturn is totally gets confused and demolished in volatile and aggressive sign Aries. Such people are likely to be highly opinionated and become very judgmental of others.

They likely to insist on things which are not practical.

Your Saturn Sign: The Lessons Behind Life's Challenges

They can become in-compassionate and ruthless in their behavior. Of course, the position of Saturn with respect to houses in chart is more important. Thus, the third, tenth and the eleventh house Saturn will always provide good result despite debilitated.

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