Libra daily horoscope march 29


The day is perfect to embark upon a new program of abundance and prosperity. If you have been feeling undecided about a new project to which you have devoted considerable thought, then this is the perfect time to take action. Whatever you decide to do today will ultimately lead to success. The events of today will also help to shift your perspective regarding money and modify your negative ideas.


You have taken on a huge task with your weight loss goals. Today, you will need to put in extra effort. Perhaps someone will offer a bar of chocolate to you or celebrate with your favourite junk food. However, you will be able to find the strength to overcome this temptation easily and once you do, your goals will be reached within a short time.

Several events will happen today which will present your love life in a completely new light.


You may become aware of new information or get a new insight in the character and wishes of your partner. As a result, this day marks a turning point in your relationship.

Daily Horoscope: March 27th to March 29th

It is necessary to balance your own desires and self respect when dealing with your partner. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. You are far better equipped to deal with delays in travel and misunderstandings with partners than you have been for some time.

From now on, it will be much more difficult for partners to pick holes in your financial affairs, and it will become clear to everybody that your way of organising your life is considerably better than they once thought. They may even come to admire your astute financial skills. For a few weeks you have been aware that someone needs convincing that you are right in a number of your assumptions. But you have to appeal to their hearts rather than their heads. The intimate and personal issues will start to become clearer now, even though it might not be the time to reveal the full details.

The fact that your ruling planet, the Sun, is now in a sensitive but stimulating sector of the zodiac is bound to have an impact on your feelings, making you more moody than normal, and perhaps too ready to take offence.

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Your social costs seem to be rising but, then, how can you count the cost of happiness? You are normally highly adept at balancing your finances and today your skills will come in handy regardless of whether you are making grand investments or minor purchases.

It is now possible to finalise travel plans which for one reason or another have been held up through no fault of your own. Friends will see that they were wrong to blame you for this — or indeed for anything else. The great majority of Scorpio types are currently experiencing a relaxation in tension and pressure, yet for some of you it is still necessary to resolve questions concerning your personal security and emotional contentment.